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a PHP Class to build Charts
pChart 2.x is born, you can start moving your script to this new version. The new website is at
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This page is demonstrating how to add value added charts in your web page trough a web2.0 dynamic interface. Even if it isn't the way you'll use it on your web server ( scheduled job or filled with database data ) it is a good way to see what you can expect from this library.

Select the kind of chart you want to draw and provide all the relevant data then press on the generate button. This will send asynchronously the request to draw the chart to the web server.
Line / Bar charts
Pie charts
Welcome in the lines/bars Sandbox!
The sandbox has been created to allow you to render some charts using the pChart library. A lot of options are missing & this demo is fixing limits ( 4 series max, 10 values max, can't customize the chart background & size,... ) You can also try pie chart using this other sandbox.

1. Select the kind of chart you want to render
Line chart Cubic curve chart Plot chart Bar chart Filled Line chart Filled Cubic curve chart

2. Fill-in the data series
Build your series by providing the number associated with each plot. To add a point, provide the value and click on the + icon. You can also add or remove series.

3. Setup the series
Here you can specify which serie will be drawn & the name that is associated to it.

5. Render the chart
When you are ready to render your chart, please click on the following link :
Render !.

Click on the render link.

Additional Graph options
Here you can specify some more options related to the chart design. The pChart class is embeding a lot more of settings, don't hesitate to read the documentation.

Chart title :     Show the legend   Display the 0 line.
X Axis caption :     Enhanced Layout   Color :
Y Axis caption :  
Transparency factor (%) :   (if applies to the selected chart)

pChart has been created by Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI