Last release: 1.27d
a PHP Class to build Charts
pChart 2.x is born, you can start moving your script to this new version. The new website is at
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pChart is a PHP class, this means that before using it you need to have PHP compiled and running on your server. The pChart releases include example of what can be done with this library : this is always a good starting point.

To have a complete overview of what pChart can do for you, we invite you to take a look on the online documentation which is trying to show you all basic & advanced functionalities of this library. pChart is still under development and many things will come!
08/12/08 - v1.27 is the last version
Latest release
pChart isn't OS dependant and only require that PHP is correctly configured with GD support. To use the pChart release, download the latest version bellow, extract it from the archive & run it from the command line ( see this help ) or trought a web server like apache.

08.12.2008 pChart 1.27 - beta Release notes

Click on the release notes link to see what have changed in this version. We're trying to keep new version fully compatible with old ones. Sometimes it isn't possible so upgrading to a newer version can force you to review your already existing pChart scripts.

Previous version
You can also use the previous version of pChart. We're not supporting outdated version & it will be difficult for you to find help.

06.27.2008 pChart 1.26 - beta Release notes
08.12.2008 pChart 1.25 - beta Release notes
06.13.2008 pChart 1.24 - beta Release notes
06.01.2008 pChart 1.23 - beta Release notes
05.22.2008 pChart 1.22 - beta Release notes

pChart has been created by Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI