Last release: 1.27d
a PHP Class to build Charts
pChart 2.x is born, you can start moving your script to this new version. The new website is at
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pChart is a PHP class, this means that before using it you need to have PHP compiled and running on your server. The pChart releases include example of what can be done with this library : this is always a good starting point.

To have a complete overview of what pChart can do for you, we invite you to take a look on the online documentation which is trying to show you all basic & advanced functionalities of this library. pChart is still under development and many things will come!
08/12/08 - v1.27 is the last version
Release notes for version 1.27
Following changes have been introduced in this release

1.27 - Major release
  • Introducing error handling (see here).
  • Can now draw charts with missing values (see here).
  • Automatic scaling improved.
  • Can now put names on X and Y axis (see here).
  • Can now set number format on X and Y axis (see here).
  • Can now append units to X and Y values.
  • You can display the serie values over the chart (see here).
  • Added stacked bar graph chart style (see here).
  • Possibility to merge external pictures (see here).
  • It's now possible to choose percentage or serie description for Pie charts labels.
  • You can set the date format using PHP date() specifications.
  • Modified the DataDescription array scheme (see here).
  • Possibility to draw gradient background.
  • Fixed bug drawing charts with only one value.
  • Fixed bug in background stripe for small sized graphs.
  • Fixed bug in 3D pie percentage.
  • Fixed various reported issues.
1.27b - minor release
  • Fixed issue with rounding percentages in pie charts.
  • Added support for gradient backgrounds (see here).
  • Added support for text areas (see here).
  • It is now possible to use icon in plot charts (see here).
  • Added the possibility to draw a border around the graphs (see here).
  • It is now possible to generate image maps.
  • We can now specify a label on tresholds.
1.27c - minor release
  • Added support for scatter axis (see here).
  • Added support for scatter line charts (see here).
  • Added support for scatter plot charts (see here).
  • Now possible to draw shadow under pie pieces.
  • Now possible to add shadow under plots.
1.27d - minor release
  • Added shadow option for line / cubic charts (see here).
  • Fixed a bug for negative gradients (see here).
  • We can now manage two different Y scales (see here).
  • Legend box can now be transparent (see here).
  • Possibility to add a shadow under the graph title (see here).
  • Bar charts can now be contiguous.
  • Reviewed the aliasing for all pie charts (see here).

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pChart has been created by Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI