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Class definition
Digging with pChart
Basic Examples
Line graph
Cubic curve graph
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Scatter charts
Advanced Examples
Example #7 - Creating a filled cubic curve graph

This example shows how to create a simple cubic curve graph containing two data series. Data are manualy set using the AddPoint() method of the pData class. The graph function called is drawFilledCubicCurve() specifying a precision of .1 and a transparency factor of 50%. Running this script will create a example7.png file in the current directory.

Output :

Source code :
  // Standard inclusions   

  // Dataset definition 
  $DataSet = new pData;

  // Initialise the graph
  $Test = new pChart(700,230);

  // Draw the 0 line

  // Draw the cubic curve graph

  // Finish the graph
  $Test->drawTitle(50,22,"Example 7",50,50,50,585);
If you want to send the picture directly in a browser, replace the Render() command by Stroke().

Last updated on 05/16/2008